Have you ever been stressed out and heard someone tell you, “Just take a deep breath”? Have you ever said that to yourself? Maybe you were angry. Maybe you advised a deep breath in an effort to stop a shout from erupting from your mouth.

Did it work?

Waterfront Vacation Home in Captiva Florida
If you find yourself needing to take a lot of deep breaths to keep stress at bay, it’s probably time for a vacation.

Taking a deep breath is certainly good for you, a “built-in stress reliever,” as this article from NPR states. Yet we think there might be more to the deep breathing theory. We think that, though it is a good way to relieve stress, sometimes we should take a deep breath simply for the air.

If you find yourself advising a lot of deep breaths, perhaps you need a relaxing vacation by the water.

So take a vacation, but don’t take just any vacation. Take one that will promote deep breathing simply for the sake of deep breathing. It’s like the difference between having a glass of wine with dinner versus chugging straight from the bottle because you feel like you need it to function.

Our Captiva Island waterfront vacation home is the perfect place to spend your time away from work and home. Water is always relaxing. That is why spas install waterfalls and play the sounds of ocean waves over speakers, and why people stream to the ocean like turtles. Once you get here, open the windows of your room, lay down on your bed, close your eyes, and breathe the air of the ocean as you listen to the crashing waves. It’s intoxicating.

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