Summer is traditionally considered the peak season for traveling, but that doesn’t mean you should discount late fall when you’re planning a trip. Traveling in the fall has a lot of perks, particularly when you’re going somewhere as beautiful and remote as Sanibel Island. Here are just a few perks to fall travel and what you can expect from your vacation on Sanibel Island:

sanibel island
Fall is the perfect time to collect shells on the shores of Sanibel and Captiva.

Perfect weather

Summer on Sanibel can be hot, which is great if you’re a beach bum. But fall weather on Sanibel Island comes pretty close to perfect with highs in the 60s and low 70s and chilly nights. If you have your heart set on swimming while on vacation, then you’ll love the heated pool at Sea Oats Luxury Estate. Our pool and deck will make sure you have all the perks of a summer vacation including a grill to use for an outdoor barbecue lunch.

Crowd control

Perhaps the best part of traveling in the fall is the lack of crowds everywhere you go. Sanibel Island is already more secluded than other beach vacation destinations, so when you take away the summer tourists you feel like you have the whole place to yourself.


One of the most popular activities on Sanibel Island is shelling, and late fall is one of the best times to go shelling. This is because all the Gulf storms from late summer and early fall have washed the shells up on shore, and at the same time the tide is low. All this adds up to perfect shelling conditions. Add pleasant temperatures and low crowds, and you have the perfect shelling vacation. Get prepared for shelling and find out all about the different shells the island has to offer here.

Sea Oats Luxury Estate is the perfect place to stay any time of year, and we welcome our fall guests. We will help you plan every part of your stay, and our amenities ensure that you will have a memorable luxury vacation. To find out more or to make a reservation, contact us today.

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