Florida Luxury Vacation Rental With Modern Decor
The place you vacation should have been designed and decorated for ultimate relaxation.

When you are in a place, say your home, you desire certain comforts. You desire a place to rest, a place to entertain, and a place to take care of basic human needs such as eating and bathing. This place should not only meet your desire for comfort, but to be comfortable. It sounds like these are the same things, but a very subtle difference lies between the two: comfort that is worked for vs. comfort that is. At home, you work to create an environment conducive to your daily needs and your overall desires, yet you are also responsible for keeping your home intact and collecting décor that is simply beautiful. Is it really possible to create a home environment that is completely comfortable? We are unsure, but one thing we know:

When on vacation, you should expect the highest level of comfort since vacation is ultimate rest. Vacation is not, as Forest Gump might say, “When you go somewhere and you never come back.” Vacation begs for a specified beginning and end. Vacation is concentrated rest. It is lovely. It is peaceful. It is fun.

The place where you vacation should have been created to be comfortable. By the word created we mostly mean decorated. It should have been thought out, much the same as your decision to vacation was thought out.

At Sea Oats luxury estate on Captiva Island, we have thought out the arrangement of our entire estate. We know that neutral colors combined with bright accent colors and some lively patterns are welcoming and soothing. The color scheme combined with minimalistic and stylish accents create a modern casual decor which helps to cultivate rest. You can’t help but sit down and have a drink, close your eyes or chat with loved ones.

Contact us to learn more about how the decor at Sea Oats luxury estate can make your vacation an exceptional one.

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