She said yes! After the initial rush of joy going through your blood, the next set of feelings is probably a little soberer. Where do we get married? Who should be invited? Can we afford it? These are the questions that countless newly-engaged couples tangle with around the United States.  Fortunately, there is an answer to all of them that is more obvious than you might think: a destination wedding! Here are five reasons to travel to your preferred wedding location.

destination wedding1) The Destination

It’s in the title, so why not start with it? With a destination wedding, you get to experience a beautiful locale in what may be the best moment of your life. A white beach, the ocean in the background, beautiful sun – who doesn’t want to get married in a setting like that?

2) The Memories

Your wedding will likely be an event that you tell your children and maybe even grandchildren about. Every anniversary, you will take out your photo album and reminisce about the big day. What if, instead of looking at pictures in a church and an event hall, you get to reminisce about the sand between your toes and the beautiful sunset on the ocean? A destination wedding can make that happen.

3) The Intimacy

The biggest worries of any couple planning a traditional wedding are likely the guest list and seating arrangements. Do we really want to pay meal and other costs for a relative we haven’t seen for a decade? How about that high school friend we haven’t talked to since graduation? Will uncle A get along with his seatmates if seated next to cousin C? With a destination wedding, all of those worries are in the past. You only invite those who matter most to you as a couple and family, resulting in intimacy and privacy that make sharing the special moment of “I Do” that much more special.

3) The Honeymoon

A beautiful area like Florida is a popular honeymoon destination. And with a destination wedding, you can connect the honeymoon directly to your wedding! No more having to get up early to catch your flight, dealing with delays and changing planes. Instead of the stress of getting to your destination, you’re already there, relaxing on the beach and enjoying the time with your significant other.

5) The Lack of Stress

The honeymoon and reduced cost together are alone to significantly reduce your stress level. But even before the wedding takes place, a destination wedding is much easier to plan than a big event including 200 or more people. The guest list is easier to create, and you will get help throughout the process when it comes to venue and food choices.

Because that’s what we’re here for! Contact us today to explore the multitude of options we offer for destination weddings.

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