Book Your Late Fall Getaway on Sanibel Island

Summer is traditionally considered the peak season for traveling, but that doesn’t mean you should discount late fall when you’re planning a trip. Traveling in the fall has a lot of perks, particularly when you’re going somewhere as beautiful and … Read More

Sanibel Island is Made for Vacation

There is much to explore on Sanibel Island in Florida that can be found elsewhere, but the beach makes every activity better. It’s like the crystal bowl that serves an ice cream sundae. Ice cream is tasty on its own, … Read More

Shelling in Sanibel, Florida

What’s a Florida vacation without collecting seashells? Shelling is such a popular activity in Sanibel, Florida, locals even have a name for it. They call it the Sanibel Stoop — stooping over while looking for shells that have washed up on the beach. … Read More